Model 30

  • Ideal for Noise at Work, Industrial Hygiene and Environmental applications
  • Pulsar's 'top of the range' instrument for Industrial Noise measurements
  • Rapid, reliable and accurate Real Time 1:1 Octave Band Analysis Wide Single Measurement Span of 23dB(A) to 140dB(C)
  • Outstanding download, analysis and reporting Software Packages included as standard
  • Multi language instrument menu and software (English, Spanish, French, German & Italian)
  • Compliant with IEC 61672-1:2002 Class 1 and Class 2
  • User friendly and robust for long term high performance
  • Outdoor Measurement Kits available to convert the Model 30 sound level meter into a self-contained environmental monitor
The Model 30 is a very accurate, reliable, 'hand held' precision instrument that is especially suited to Noise at work and Industrial Hygiene applications. Enclosed in a tough and robust metal case the Model 30 is an instrument that delivers long term performance. Simplicity of use combined with the popular 'Analyser' software (supplied as standard) allows you to effectively measure noise, store your measurements in the large internal memory and then effortlessly transform your measurements into final report formats. The large backlit screen clearly delivers the information you need both during and after each measurement in a user selectable format. You can also 'toggle' between graphical, numerical and statistical screens if you need to assess your measurements in more depth. The large dynamic span of nearly 120dB(A) ensures that you never return from a survey having made invalid measurements that have been flagged 'Overload' or 'Under-range'. The Real Time Analysis mode allows users to measure all 10 individual 1:1 Octave bands at the same time. This is ideal for reliable, accurate and rapid capture of variable noise levels and to facilitate the accurate prescription of hearing protection in industry.

Model 30
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