Model 33

  • One Instrument - 'A world of solutions'
  • Real Time 1:3 & 1:1 Octave Band Analysis
  • Ideal for Industrial, Engineering, Environmental & Building Acoustics applications
  • Wide single measurement range of nearly 120dB
  • Large Memory for environmental data storage
  • Outstanding download, analysis and reporting Software Packages included as standard
  • Multi language instrument menu and software (English, Spanish, French, German & Italian)
  • Complaint to IEC 61672-1:2002 Class 1 and Class 2
  • User friendly and robust for long term high performance
  • Outdoor Measurement Kits available to convert the Model 33 sound level meter into a self contained environmental monitor
  • GSM modem option for remote dial up option
The Model 33 is the 'flagship' instrument of the Pulsar range of Integrating Sound Level meters. The ultimate Real Time Analyser for Industrial Noise, Engineering and Environmental applications, the Model 33 and Model 33-2 deliver the solution for all your noise measurement activities. With exceptional acoustic performance and compliance with the latest worldwide guidelines the Model 33 maintains the Pulsar user friendly approach to noise measurement. Taking measurements is as simple as pressing the 'record' and 'stop' buttons. The wide dynamic span of nearly 120 dB ensures you never make invalid measurements that 'Overload' or 'Under range' which is especially important during 1:1 or 1:3 Octave Band Analysis. Real Time Analysis allows the user to measure all of the Octave Bands at the same time giving you the confidence to know you are immediately capturing all of the data in each band and not missing any important information. The two outstanding software packages, Analyser and Acoustic Toolbox software allow you to download, analyse in depth and present your results in a variety of formats.

Model 33
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